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Autogenics / Cellular Healing

Autogenics is a form of self-hypnosis. It is a systematic program that will teach your body and mind to respond quickly and effectively to your verbal and mental direction. Studies have shown Autogenics will increase healing time by 10%. The goal of Autogenics is to normalize physical, mental and emotional processes that are out of balance. It is essential that you maintain a “passive” concentration. That is experience without expectations or judgements. Just let it happen.

Cellular Healing
The Cellular Healing meditation was given to me through guidance, years ago. I love this meditation. It has since helped many heal themselves from simple skin problems and serious diseases. Remember you can never be relaxed enough. The more relaxed you are the easier it is to heal yourself. As always, have fun & treat yourselves with tenderness.

I Am The Light

Meditation 1
Self hypnosis is a wonderful form of meditation, often used for healing of the body, mind and emotions. With this meditation you can access the subconscious and using an affirmation create the life you wish to live.

Meditation 2
I Am the Light

We are all a unique light in this world. No one is quite like you.
In this meditation you will experience your own delightful Spiritual Light and rest in the warmth and love that is you.

Meditation With A Smile

Meditation 1
Meditation with a Smile
Smiling releases endorphins, reduces your blood pressure, boosts your immune system and relieves stress. In this meditation we combine your lovely smile with a restful relaxations.

Meditation 2
The You Who Lives Within
Let the Divine You envelop everything you are and you will begin to remember who you are.


Sometimes we can get so used to being tense that we don’t even recognize what being relaxed feels like. As you practice this relaxation process of tensing then realizing different muscle groups in your body you being to remember what relaxation feels like. In time you will be able to cue relaxation throughout the day whenever you find yourself fin stressful or anxious situations.

There is 30 mins after the guided progressive relaxation for you to rest in the relaxation, or do a personal meditation you choose.

Please enjoy and treat yourself with kindness.

A Meditation For You

We spend most of our time in our heads. Even some meditative practices keep us in our heads. This meditation helps you become more inwardly aware and connected to your body. Stay present, curious and loving.

There will be a time at the end of the guided meditation to rest in the “deep restorative space of you”.